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When experientiality takes precedence over narratives



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      Past Work

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        Disarming, suspenseful, entertaining and yet a thought provoking experiences.

        About our Creations

        We invite the audience to an emotional and versatile trip that triggers the visual senses and inspires opening thought processes.

        With disarming effects of humor and virtuosity, we offer new space for awakening emotions, imagination, and sensitivity to empower the mind and richer the ability of perception.

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        manipulated objects

        Absurd moments

        Staggering situations

        Suspension, Virtuosity, Oddness, Minimalism, Endurances, Playfulness, Absurdity, Poetical, Thought-provoking

        Public Testimonial

        Nothing makes us happier than hearing everything what went inside your head.

        Our Dear Partners

        Thanks for all the support throughout the years