A lyrical performance exploring organisms of human interaction

45 min.
All public

Between simple elements and complex thinking

Hede is a lyrical contemporary circus performance exploring organisms of human interaction. The performance transforms the stage into a visional living room, where object manipulation, juggling, and poetry meet absurdly. With symbolic floral objects and minimalistic aesthetics, the show transitions from motion into imaginary – and the other way around. Hede balances between simple elements and complex thinking.

Olli Vuorinen juggles with flower pots, plants, and other organic and non-organic objects, mixing isolation – and balancing techniques with physical theater. Through her poetry, Katri Salmenoja drills into the complexities of human interaction, building meaning and giving context to the physical actions on stage. The cross-artistic dialogue evolves with the light design of Teo Lanerva, creating a tender atmosphere and a visual frame for the performance. Tensions between manipulated objects and theatrical elements communicate seamlessly with poetry and sound.


24-25 NOVEMBER 2018 – Eintanzhaus
Mannheim, Germany

1 NOVEMBER 2020 – Näyttämö
Joensuu, Finland


Concept And Performance: Olli Vuorinen, Katri Salmenoja
Light Design: Teo Lanerva
Music, Sound Design: Katri Salmenoja
Production: Nuua
Co-Production: Kunelma


Support: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, CIAM-Centre international de Arts en Mouvement, Circus Helsinki, Narri art house, Sirkus Faktori, Kulturjhuset Borrby, TelepART

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