Häppy Hour

Brings to life the absurdity that is the social party culture in the deep dark north

60 min.
All public

Surrealist circus dive into Nordic nightlife

This fantastical bar crawl explores the weird and awkward experiences that the northern nightlife has to offer, tackling it through the lens of comedy and contemporary circus.

The different circus skills bend the barrier between seemingly normal and weirdly spectacular. Approaching real life situations through awkward humour shows how things aren’t always that serious and that it’s ok to laugh to ourselves, even at our worst.

Has anyone ever gone home after promising to have just one drink? How do people queue to a nightclub when it’s minus 30oc outside? Three jugglers go into a bar and order one pint, whilst they all want to drink their sorrows away, can they avoid getting distracted and falling into wild dance-offs, juggling and acrobatics? And how do we deal with things we’ve got to do on our worst morning after?

Disco Inferno is a contemporary circus performance about the, at times, complicated relationship Northerners have with alcohol. It creates space for the audience to reflect on their habits and traditions.


Creative Team

Concept and performing: Merri Heikkilä, Jakob Jacobsson, Bjarni Árnason
Directorial input by: Olli Vuorinen & Roberto Magro
Music, Sound Design: Merri Heikkilä, Jakob Jacobsson
Light Design: TBC
Costumes: TBC
Production: The Nordic Council
Co-production: Nuua Company


Dynamo Workspace (DK), Tjarnarbío (IS), Nordic Culture Point, Nordisk Kulturfond, Taike Arts Promotion Centre Finland

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