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2021 – Vaarna

2013 – LENTO

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2 March 2024
- Nøtterøy, Kulturhus
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Meanwhile is a world that mirrors today’s culture and makes merry with all the pointless ways in which people can spend their time.Two jugglers test the spectator’s understanding and the way in which our values might change simply by doing something considered as unnecessary.


Hypnotic and mesmerising to the senses. A kinetic and disorienting performance of motion and mood, Vaarna’s breathtaking light design, soulful music, and the jugglers’ object manipulation combine into an artistically versatile experience – like a stream of consciousness in visual form.

Blueberry Burdock

Expressed through a combination of visual theatre, object manipulation, and comical absurdity, Blueberry Burdock dances playfully in a place of limbo.

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The Company in a nutshell

Nuua Company is a Finnish contemporary circus and visual theatre group founded in 2013. With Its Experimental works, Nuua has redeemed its place in the international performing arts scene.

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United States, Brazil, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, England, Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Japan, Czechoslovakia, Portugal, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Denmark

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We understand the circus as a unifying element of all castaway forms of performing arts. A circus is a place rather than a definition of its forms. It is a place that hosts with open arms all artists who can’t find their place anywhere else—a refuge for innovations and new experiments.

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