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2021 – Vaarna

2013 – LENTO

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Häppy Hour

Häppy Hour
28 July 2024
- Salo Circus Festival | Salo, FIN
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Meanwhile is a world that mirrors today’s culture and makes merry with all the pointless ways in which people can spend their time.Two jugglers test the spectator’s understanding and the way in which our values might change simply by doing something considered as unnecessary.

Blueberry Burdock

Expressed through a combination of visual theatre, object manipulation, and comical absurdity, Blueberry Burdock dances playfully in a place of limbo.

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1 week ago

Nuua Company
Thanks everyone for the first Nuua Shorties! A concept that we wanted to realize for a long time now. It brings together a collection of our favorite scenes, new material, and surprises from various Nuua shows and collaborations. Each performance of "Shorties" is unique and can be held in diverse venues. The debut performance took place in a contemporary art gallery in Kulttuuritila MerirastiPerformers: Merri Heikkilä, Olli Vuorinen, Onni Toivonen, Aleksi NiittyvuopioLive-music & Sound design: Konsta LeinonenArt works on the walls: Aino Faven, Anna WilhelmusSpecial thanks: Sound Illustrators (IT)The upcoming "Shorties" will immerse in a nocturnal atmospheres: 26.10.2024 @ Kallio House Of Culture, Kultsa Klubi.#kulttuuritilamerirasti#kultsaklubi #kultsa ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

Nuua Company
Popcorn time! We sat down and watch together one of our past collaboration performance in a movie theater and now it's available for you as well. The cinematic version of AMALGAM performance is now online! and performing: Onni Toivonen and Wilma SeppäläOutside eye: Olli VuorinenLive-Music, Sound Design: Konsta LeinonenCo-Production: Nuua CompanyThe show was premiered on 2019. not touring anymore.The Cinematic version has been realised together with Taidetestaajat and Sorin Sirkus.Amalgam is a performance in the collision of dance and jugglingA dancer, a juggler, a live musician, and a selection of 15 objects create a space to appreciate the skillful interplay of bodies and objects. Conjuring up images that are at times wild and humoristic, sometimes thoughtful and calm. Through the 8-limb club knot, the head-spinning plank, and the feather dance of balance, Amalgam takes the audience on an unexpected playful journey to the crossroads of the two art forms.#taidetestaajat #sorinsirkus #circusinfo ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

Nuua Company
Thanks for the great festival, new performances, and networking opportunities!The Netherlands has immense artistic potential and is brimming with fresh and unexpected styles and forms. It's also inspiring to see the outcome of circus schools pushing the boundaries and embracing experimentation, which is what any good art education should do. Meanwhile, in Helsinki, we have been in creative madness ever since the pandemic, and the only thing we were missing was a wider international visibility for our new performances. That is nicely unraveling now. Thanks for networking 🍀See you around Europe! ... See MoreSee Less
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The Company in a nutshell

Nuua Company is a Finnish contemporary circus and visual theatre group founded in 2013. With Its Experimental works, Nuua has redeemed its place in the international performing arts scene.

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We understand the circus as a unifying element of all castaway forms of performing arts. A circus is a place rather than a definition of its forms. It is a place that hosts with open arms all artists who can’t find their place anywhere else—a refuge for innovations and new experiments.

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